Invest with us in innovative companies to become a co-founder of the future unicorns

Artem Naumov,

Company Founder

In all our years in this field, our team has created a unique business product. We have been honing our skills for years, analyzing and launching many businesses.

The success of any business is in understanding the important details and nuances. This is what distinguishes a pro from an amateur.

We offer our investors an exclusive opportunity to choose a suitable company and build mutually beneficial partnerships. The purpose of such work is to invest a little money at an early stage of business development. The capitalization growth of such companies can reach 200% per year.

We leave 80-90% of the share to the company founders, which allows us to increase the company’s market valuation on the go and attract a second-round investor easily. The share purchased for 1 million rubles, after 2-4 years, can be redeemed by the next-round investors or by the founders for 3-4 million.

  • 300+

    Launched projects

  • 129

    years total professional experience of the project team

  • 4

    countries of presence

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