We are helping to get money for the development of your business

We attract grants, subsidies, soft loans, funds from foundations and private investors

  • 2016

    company's foundation year

  • 300+

    projects have received investments

  • 11 800

    million rubles of attracted investments

Our company will solve your problems:

  • Don’t have your own funds to develop your project/business

  • Don’t have time to find the wright support program, dig into it and collect a full set of documents

  • Don’t have any experience in writing specific compound documents for suitable competitions and programs

  • Don’t understand how to submit an application in compliance with the requirements of the Program

  • Gave up after the first failed attempt to get an investment

  • Don’t know how to attract money of free investors from the market

  • Want to enter the markets of Europe and the USA, but have no idea how to do it

Artem Naumov

Company Founder

Customer Success Stories

Techspace Andromeda, LLC, Russia, Kazan

Techspace Andromeda, LLC, Russia, Kazan

We have received investments from the TilTech fund in the amount of 6.5 million rubles

  • The company develops and sells courses in programming, robotics, 3D modeling and many more for 7-14 year-olds
  • We have attracted funds in the amount of 6.5 million rubles for our own project from one of the most successful Funds in Russia - TilTech
  • The funds raised have been spent on the purchase of equipment and special programs, as well as the development of new educational courses for 7-14 year-olds
Qase, USA, Delaware

Qase, USA, Delaware

More than fivefold revenue growth, more than 2000 corporate clients in less than 1 year

  • Qase is a management system of software testing; an American company with a Russian founder.
  • Our goal was to create a growth team and multiply sales in the markets of the USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • In 9 months, the project has attracted several hundred thousand dollars from foreign investors for further growth.
Who can get funding
  • Manufacturing enterprises

    Manufacturing enterprises

  • IT companies

    IT companies

  • Science and Technology Centers

    Science and Technology Centers

  • Experimental design bureaus

    Experimental design bureaus

  • Capital construction objects

    Capital construction objects

  • Projects in agriculture

    Projects in agriculture

  • Medical companies

    Medical companies

  • Companies with revenue from $50,000 per year that want to enter the markets of Europe and/or the USA

    Companies with revenue from $50,000 per year that want to enter the markets of Europe and/or the USA

Types of financing

  • investments
  • subsidies
  • grants
  • preferential loans
  • product launch in Europe and the USA

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Артем Наумов

Основатель и руководитель компании "SOPRANO CAPITAL"

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