About the Soprano Capital team

We are committed to create an ideal service for attracting funding to any Russian companies

The company was founded by Anna and Artem Naumov and is based on their long experience in helping Russian companies to attract grants, subsidies, preferential loans, as well as support from funds and private investors.

Work on each project is carried out with a detailed assessment of the client's capabilities - such as compliance with formal indicators in each of the programs, an analysis of the company's financial performance, multiple interviews with company managers, an assessment of the team and, in general, the company's ability to achieve the results stated in the project.

First and foremost, we are focused on the final benefit of the customer, so the work model implies the minimum costs of the client until the investment is received. At the same time, each project is individual and has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the final price is calculated after a detailed study of the project, when it becomes clear the list of tasks, the timing of their implementation, the size and qualifications of the team necessary to compile a verified application.

Although our main strong suit is complex projects with "multi-storey" implementation and attracting funding from various sources, we are also willing to help start-up projects. By the way, we do not take them into account in the general statistics on our main page. The little ones need help!

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